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Free Services

There are some things  
that should just be free


For those who are unsure on the advisement they or their business might need, and for those that are exactly sure what they need, GW Advisers offer free assessment meeting services to engage individuals and businesses in a dialogue that allows them to assess our approach while we assess your needs. Assessment meetings can be requested with any lead adviser or the entire advisement team and are held both remotely and locally when possible. Our advisers work out of Denver, Chicago, and Phoenix. We’d be happy to meet you in person or over video call. 


Sometimes you just want to gut check yourself or call on the advice of an expert. We assume that for a lot of our clients, those questions would benefit the majority. We know that listening to your questions helps us better understand common, shared needs. That is why we have set up a blog to answer general questions on personal wellness, marketing and business strategy in a public forum, accessible by anyone and updated in real time. To submit a question or review posted questions and answers visit us at Ask GW.


GW Advisers have a long record of success introducing business partnerships and connecting employers with employees. Our large network and keen ability to see complementary value places us in a special position. To maintain the organic and honest reputation we’ve built regarding connections, we are unwilling to accept compensation for connection services. That is why we are happy to entertain requests for network connections at no cost, allowing us to ensure we are making introductions we believe are beneficial to both parties.


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