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When would someone need to hire GW?

That is not a question we can answer fairly and equally for everyone. Here are a few tips that we think might help you answer that question for yourself. Do you have a gap in your marketing strategy? Are you or any of your departments in need of more industry-specific knowledge? Do you have a need for an unbiased, third-party take on your operational processes? Are you looking for technology development and reporting opinions? Does your sales or marketing team need help communicating service and product value? Have you met Sam, Danella or Samantha and thought “I’d like that woman on my team”. Taking the time to talk with us is the best way to answer these questions. Book an appointment with us and we’ll be happy to help you answer this question, specific to you and your business.


What do I ‘get’ from working with GW?

Working with GW Advisement is a partnership experience. Establishing expectations and agreeing to how we measure value is crucial to all successful partnerships. Here is what we can tell you; we would never advise paying any person or business for just their opinion. Although we value our lead advisers and their educated opinions, GW Advisement places an emphasis on research, analysis and performance testing. No service from GW Advisement comes without tangible assets. Those assets might differ based on the requested service but you’ll never walk away from us empty handed and you’ll be able to draw a direct line to the returns we’ve generated for you.


What kind of companies does GW work with?

GW Advisers are specialized in real estate, technology, hospitality, and non-profit industries but we believe our offerings in strategic planning can be to the benefit of many mid-size and start up businesses.

Do all the lead advisers work on each project?

Yes. When you work with us, you get the benefit of all of our lead advisers who collaborate together on all of our offerings. You will, however, have just one dedicated adviser who will serve as your point of contact.

Is there really a wait list?

On our custom services, yes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find solutions to your needs before we are able to start our partnership. GW Advisement offers free services that may assist you with your immediate needs.