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GW Advisement offers marketing, revenue and culture services cultivated by the application of methodic, creative strategy planning. The expert advisers at GW Advisement work collaboratively on services that leverage multifunctional theories on business, marketing, and personal wellness. A holistic approach to advisement allows GW advisers to offer services that solve for both company revenue goals and employee happiness. GW Advisement has advisers in Denver, Chicago, and Phoenix who service clients nationwide in technology, real estate, hospitality, and non-profit industries.

GW Advisers are on a mission to empower colleagues and clients to achieve independent, sustainable success and happiness. Our support for one another invites collaborative, effective work while our desire to support our clients drives us to continually evolve as a collective organization.


No ambiguity. No hidden agenda.
Just smart, straight forward people who want to help you build creative strategies and then equip your team to carry out the success. 


Strategy requires time and you are busy. Your team is busy. You could hire someone, but then they become busy. Swinging at the low-hanging fruit is necessary for feeding the urgent needs of your business and we assume that you are already doing that well. What we offer isn’t rapid and aggressive change, it’s the time we can lend to be more thoughtful and strategic while you and your managers continue your day-to-day on the ground. If you’ve made investments in your staff, marketing, and product but haven’t had the time for strategic planning – you’ve left money on the table.


You love your team. You know your customers and you want the best for your company but you aren’t objective. Your attachment to your business can prevent you from seeing obstacles clearly and it can cloud the truth you know. We bring an outside perspective unbound by social politics and emotional commitments to help you see what clients, investors and other businesses see in your product and your financial performance. GW Advisers serve as a guide to your natural blind spots while also providing you feedback on exactly what you are doing right.


You are an expert at what you do, and you know your industry better than most. What you don’t have is the advantage of spending time with companies outside your industry network. GW Advisers are both specialized and diverse in their experiences and our collective offering allows us to provide you with insights from various industries and studies. When you hire for industry expertise only, you lose this optimal vantage point. We can help fill that void.


The very best strategist you can hire full time is one day going to take your job or leave to run strategy for your greatest competitor. Strategists are programmed to think creatively all the time often struggling to fit in when strategic planning is complete and day to day management takes center stage. We know because we are strategists. GW Advisers don’t want to run your company and will never be the CEO of your greatest competition because we are on a different mission. It’s our goal to serve you while we learn from you the things you do well and are willing to share.


Samantha (Sam) Skrobot

Lead Adviser – Strategic Planning

Start up enthusiast, real estate and asset management expert, question master, experienced marketing, sales and revenue strategist

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Danella Soeka

Lead Adviser – Marketing & Branding

Creative commander, marketing educator, PlayDoh aficionado, and a passionate branding expert who has led the opening of restaurants, breweries, casinos, and hotels.

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Samantha Rudolph

Lead Adviser – Culture Planning

Wellness champion, keto queen, executive functioning specialist with experience in fundraising, non-profit operations and family services.

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From the desk of Samantha Skrobot

Welcome to GW Advisement. We are eager to elevate the traditional approach to business advisement and consulting, to serve our partners with more tailored and sustainable plans and services. My experience in the competitive sectors of real estate investing and start-up funding taught me that the secret to success lies in a business’s ability to strategize creatively and plan thoughtfully, keeping employees top of mind.
Rich Horwath, author of The Strategic Thinking Manifesto found that 96% of leaders he surveyed believed that their biggest challenge when trying to be strategic is time. Alongside time, Horwath’s study identified that commitment from employees, and employee alignment poses some of the greatest threats to strategic planning.
You already know what needs to get done. We see it as our job to help get you and your team there and to ensure you have a plan that keeps you there. Hiring outside advisement to review and analyze your current processes allows for objective, unbiased review, without taking time away from operations.
Our team first approach to strategic planning means we leave you with recommendations that your team is capable and incentivized to carry out. Our diverse team of advisers has it all: industry expertise, strategic and analytical minds, creative collaboration, an understanding of how to communicate with teams, and how to encourage personal development and growth with individuals.

Each adviser at GW has a great deal of passion for helping businesses and individuals alike and we look forward to meeting with you soon.

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The company values at GW Advisement are more than an expression of our interests or intent. Our values are the criterion used to assess ourselves, our work and the clients we serve.
Below are some people who we think explained these values best.

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